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It is well known that women do not occupy many leadership positions in firms worldwide. The rates of men in the positions of presidents, CEOs, governors are much higher than those of women. One of the goals of the ICC Women Initiative is to promote women as leading figures and make it clear that firms prosper when there is greater gender equality among them.

For example, a Sodexo report notes that firms whose boards consist of women by 1/3 or more have on average 42% higher profits and 52% higher equity returns. Also, New York's Center for Talent Innovation found that companies with a large population diversity are 70% more likely to gain access to new markets and 45% more likely to improve their market share.

In surveys carried out, women in leadership positions achieve better results in initiatives, personal development, in terms of integrity and honesty, they also achieve better results in the development of other individuals, in relationship building, teamwork, problem solving and analysis, as well in dynamic communication So why can't women go all the way right to the top?

There are systemic prejudices and dysfunctional beliefs that are responsible for the constant failure to achieve gender equality in leadership roles. The ICC Women Initiative seeks to differentiate these prejudices and promote women's ambitions and abilities. According to studies, modern women have the same ambitions as men, as 98% of men aged 24-34 and 92% of women of the same age group want to progress up the career ladder. The ICC Women Initiative is a channel of communication for women who want to succeed or have already succeeded in their field in order to share their concerns and the fruits of their work.